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European projects

Lombardi research group carries out their basic research within international collaborations through public funding such as European Funds, Italian ministerial funds, regional funds.

Lombardi research group focuses on technology transfer by activating agreements with public, national and foreign companies.

ECO2 Sub-seabed CO2 storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems

ECO2 is an FP7 European research project examining environmental and monitoring practices to guide the management of offshore CO2 injection and storage sites. This includes the quantitative assessment of pot (...)

WEYBURN - The Weyburn CO2 monitoring project

The “Weyburn” project studied an active CO2-EOR site in western Canada as an analogue of CO2 geological storage. The Weyburn field is a heavy oil reservoir located in southern Saskatchewan (Canad (...)

CO2ReMoVe - CO2 Geological Storage: Research into Monitoring and Verification Technology

The CO2ReMoVe project developed, catalogued, and disseminated monitoring and verification technologies / strategies that can be used at real CO2 geological storage sites. To this end, this very large and wid (...)

MovECBM - Monitoring and verification of CO2 storage and ECBM in Poland

The goal of the MovECBM project was to understand the behaviour of CO2 injected in coal, to ensure the long-term and safe geological storage of this greenhouse gas. The motivation for this work was the f (...)

IntailRisk - Assessment of environmental risk for the use of radioactively contaminated industrial tailings

The goal of the IntailRisk project was to assess the potential impact on the environment and human health from both radioactive and non-radioactive elements in coal waste deposits (tailings and landfills (...)