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European projects

Lombardi research group carries out their basic research within international collaborations through public funding such as European Funds, Italian ministerial funds, regional funds.

Lombardi research group focuses on technology transfer by activating agreements with public, national and foreign companies.

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THC-THM analogues - Natural analogues of thermo-hydro-chemical and thermo-hydro-mechanical response of clay barriers

The goal of the THC-THM project was to study the thermal, chemical, and mechanical changes induced in clay that surrounds igneous intrusions, as a natural analogue for the potential effects generated by (...)

Dunarobba - Analysis of the Geoenvironmental Conditions of the Sand-clay Series of the Tiber Valley and Dunarobba Forest Preservation

Due to interest in the idea of burying nuclear waste material in clay as a way to store it safely for similar lengths of time, the Dunarobba site was chosen as a “natural analogue” to better unde (...)

RSGA - The Refinement of Soil Gas Analysis as a Geological Investigative Technique

This interdisciplinary study was focussed on creating a better understanding of gas migration and behaviour under real geological conditions through the development and improvement of the soil gas geochemist (...)

Helium-4 soil gas surveys in sedimentary basins

The main goals of this European Community project were to test the usefulness of helium soil gas measurements for the detection of buried fault systems. The principle application of this study was for the se (...)

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