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Our skills

The Lombardi Research Group, is specialised in near-surface gas and water geochemistry since 1980, social aspects of scientific research since 2000, and structural geology since 2006, with applications focussed on CCS research over the last 10 years.

In the laboratory, researchers from the fields of geology, engineering, social science and communication area work together.

The wide knowledge base and expertise within the group allows for an integrated scientific research approach, which comprises soil gas studies and structural geology studies, the engineering of innovative monitoring sensors and prototypes, and the development of tools and channels for the communication with stakeholdersand the public.

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Chiara Tartarello

Chiara Tartarello got a Master Degree in Geodynamics, Geophysics and Volcanology at “Sapienza”- University of Rome in 2008, with a thesis on the relationship between gases and faults. In 2015 (...)

Federica Modesti

Journalist, Videoreporter, Web Communication Manager. I work within the research group of Professor Sabina Bigi, at the CERI reseach centre at La Sapienza University of Rome. I work to support the de (...)

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