Lombardi Research Group - Choosing good sites for storing CO2 underground
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Choosing good sites for storing CO2 underground

Choosing good sites for storing CO2 underground

The deep underground storage of man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) has been recommended as an important tool, together with many others, to reduce the greenhouse effect and slow down climate change.

Although the technology to do this has been used for over 40 years in the oil and gas industry, and despite the fact that some CO2 storage projects already exist, the general public is often hesitant to fully support this approach due to concerns about safety. The SiteChar project, which has been funded by the European Community, has tried to address these concerns by developing a roadmap which can be used to help government regulators and site operators select the safest sites and minimise any risks to human health or impact on the environment.

Using proven technologies, scientists and engineers build on and integrate results from each other’s work to test sites for their appropriateness, making sure that they meet the stringent requirements outlined in the various European directives and nationallaws that govern CO2 storage. This document gives a broad overview of the approach developed within the project, in the hopes of stimulating interest (and debate) in a technique that can potentially give an important contribution to combating man-made climate change.