Lombardi Research Group - R&Dialogue - Research and Civil Society Dialogue towards a low-carbon society
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R&Dialogue - Research and Civil Society Dialogue towards a low-carbon society

R&Dialogue - Research and Civil Society Dialogue towards a low-carbon society

The European R&Dialogue project has facilitated ten low-carbon dialogues with representatives from energy, the low-carbon R&D community, civil society organisations and others.

This work involves the study of the main energy challenges at the European, national and regional levels in the 10 participating countries, addressing social, technological, ecological and economic aspects. Our Italian team cuts across and interacts throughout the entire scope of the project by addressing social processes in support of national & EU dialogues. In addition, we address the issues of the Low Carbon Dialogue in Italy. 

A group of representatives from various research and civil society organizations has been formed, called the Council of R&Dialogue Italy. The purpose was to explore how, through dialogue, we can improve and enhance the application of scientific and technological innovations in the energy sector. Stakeholders with different kinds of expertise have been involved and also ordinary citizens.

Together they exchanged on the energy issues that are of general concern for the future of our society, trying to figure out how to develop a new and different energy system, towards a low-carbon society. The dialogue was carried out by following rules and a methodological process that would allow everyone to express themselves and be heard, to integrate all the different points of view, recognizing the importance and the specicific role of each one, and to have enough space to reflect together on the way forward.

The Sapienza team has coordinated the work, supporting the exchange process and the progressive reformulation of shared content, with an iterative mode of listening and restitution. This process, starting from the point of view of the individual on the need for energy and sustainability, has allowed us to focus on some fundamental issues, the evolution of which is essential in order to progress towards a different energy system.

The exchange, which took place in the R&Dialogue Italy Council, between representatives of different stakeholder organisations, on how to move towards a low-carbon society, has led to the production of a Vision Paper and a Discussione Paper that will support further initiatives.

R&Dialogue Vision Paper ENG

R&Dialogue Discussione Paper ENG

R&Dialogue Vision Paper IT

R&Dialogue Discussion Paper IT

Project Web Site: http://www.rndialogue.it

Contact: samuela.vercelli@uniroma1.it

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