Lombardi Research Group - SiteChar - Characterisation of European CO2 storage
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SiteChar - Characterisation of European CO2 storage

SiteChar - Characterisation of European CO2 storage

SiteChar was a EC research project that focussed on the technical, economic and societal requirements for a company to be allowed to store CO2 underground. A workflow was developed that examines the entire site characterisation process, from the initial feasibility studies through to the final stage of application for a CO2 storage permit. This research was based on the characterisation of five sites representative of the various potential CO2 storage complexes in Europe. SiteChar also studied the economic challenges of CO2 storage and current public perceptions regarding both onshore and offshore CO2 storage. The project, which was completed at the start of 2014, involved 19 research and industry partners.

Our contribution

Within SiteChar our team conducted research at a test site in central Denmark, which was considered representative of conditions that may be found within a northern European, maritime setting. The focus of this work was to better understand the spatial distribution and temporal (i.e. seasonal) variability of baseline soil gas concentrations as controlled by microbial processes and influenced by soil type, topography, water content, temperature, and other factors. The importance of this work lies in the fact that any near-surface monitoring program of a CCS storage site will need to distinguish anomalies that are simply due to natural variability from those that are due to actual leakage to the atmosphere of CO2 injected into the storage reservoir. These results feed directly into the development of robust CCS monitoring strategies. Soil gas and gas flux surveys, as well as continuous CO2 concentration monitoring in the soil using GasPro sensors developed by our group, showed clear differences based on season and land-use, with the warm wet summer having the highest values at all sites and the forest site having the lowest average values due to soil shading.

In addition our team was responsible for the workpackage devoted to dissemination, as well as being responsible for the individual tasks of dissemination materials, workshops and conferences, and media dissemination. Within this workpackage our researchers produced a major report summarising the entire project in lay terms for public use, organised and hosted numerous stakeholder workshops, and contributed to organising the project conference.

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Period: 2011-2013