Lombardi Research Group - A dialogue for developing synergies for sustainable energy production
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A dialogue for developing synergies for sustainable energy production

Side event - Our common future under climate change

Saturday June 20, 9:30 -13:30 - Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola (Viterbo).

 A dialogue for developing synergies for sustainable energy production: 
how can biomass, hydrogen and carbon dioxide capture and storage work together to mitigate climate change


The side event related to "Our common future under climate change" that took place in the Tuscia area has been a real success. The scientific workshop, held on Saturday June 20 in the Viterbese town of Caprarola, stimulated a large number of citizens (about 80) on a subject that is still too often considered "niche", with participates enthusiastically being involved in the various organized events. It linked to the major scientific conference on climate change held in Paris in July 2015. The workshop, held during “The Energy Festival”, was part of the EC-funded R&Dialogue project, which involves ten European countries.

This project is looking for the most effective way, in each culture, to communicate between organizations and citizens on the development of energy strategies. (www.rndialogue.eu)  

The event was organized by Sapienza University of Rome – Department of Earth Sciences – CERI, within the EC project R&Dialogue, in collaboration with Department of Civil, construction and environmental engineering - DICEA; ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development; CO2GeoNet – The European Network of Excellence for the Geological Storage of CO2; The Municipality of Caprarola, with the participation Italian Federation for Rational Energy use - FIRE; UniGenova; UniRoma3; Energy Museum; Consumers’ Movement; Society for Humanistic Coaching; Serendipity Association; Amici della Terra Italia Onlus, ASSOCARBONI, Italian Sustainable Aviation Fuel Forum, ISAF.

The side event workshop focused on the potential for evidence-based solutions to climate change challenge and to contribute to a science-society dialogue. The event offered to the interested parties, in particular local policy makers, environmental science students and the public at large, an up-to-date introduction to three technologies biomass, hydrogen and carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) whose synergic development looks very promising in terms of CO2 emissions reduction, while at the same time supporting sustainable development and affordable energy for all. It was also an opportunity for stakeholders in the energy field to meet and interact directly with public at large and discussing how these three technologies mentioned above, can work together to tackle the climate change challenge.  

After the presentations there were break-out groups. They addressed together various questions raised, and then the outcomes from the groups were subsequently shared in a plenary session by a representative of each group.

In the wonderful setting of Palazzo Farnese, some partners of R&Dialogue Italy (Consumers’ Movement, Energy Museum, Sapienza University of Rome, the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC) in collaboration with ISAF, Society of Humanistic Coaching, Italian federation for Rational Energy use – FIRE) also set up exhibitions to meet citizens and submit their ideas, products, information materials in order to answer their questions.

Thanks to European Commission and R&Dialogue project.

More info: http://www.commonfuture-paris2015.org/

Watch the side event video