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Dialogue to change the future of energy: “Think global, act local” or “Think local, act global?









November 10, 2015 from Rome - Italy


Research and dialogue - this has been the theme of the European FP7 project R&Dialogue which for three years has worked towards starting dialogue on energy in ten European countries. On November 10th the final project event for the Italian team was held in Rome, during which a diverse group of participants and experts in the sector were able to briefly experience an energy-themed dialogue, following the innovative approach developed by researchers at Sapienza University of Rome.

Many themes were touched upon during the group dialogue sessions, which directly involved all of the participants. Various issues were identified where intervention is needed to construct a new energy system, addressing the criteria of security, sustainability and competitiveness identified in the European Road Map to 2050. This included the necessity to increase awareness of energy themes to permit choices that are satisfactory from a social, environmental, and economic point of view; the importance of evaluating energy system planning not only from a technological point of view but also in terms of quality of life and impact on social life; and the recognition and appreciation of the local reality and of citizens’ “know how”, which is essential to understand what are the best solutions for the area.

 “The journey that we have taken in these months – declared Samuela Vercelli, coordinator of R&Dialogue Italy - has allowed us to define numerous obstacles to dialogue and to experiment a method that can help us overcome them. Now we must understand how to widely introduce dialogue into the decision making process in the field of energy.”

Experts and citizens participated enthusiastically to the initiatives of the project, overcoming initial diffidence and jointly developing awareness and interests in the various aspects of the energy transition, a challenge we must all face, today and even more in the years to come.

Dialogue could be the keystone for building a shared path for companies, institutions and common people to achieve a new energy system.

With the process undertaken over the last three years, R&Dialogue has started an exchange of ideas that has made it possible to identify solutions highlighted thanks to dialogue and exchange with citizens.



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