Lombardi Research Group - R&Dialogue in Italy
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R&Dialogue in Italy

Opening a dialogue between the world of research and civil society to build together a low carbon society.

This is the goal of the European project R&Dialogue which takes place in 10 European countries, including Italy. The Italian Dialogue Group gathered in Titignano (Orvieto), Italy. This meeting brought together organizations in a dialogue on the future of the energy sector, to identify lines of development to satisfy the country's energy needs, while at the same time taking into account social, environmental, economic and industrial considerations and aiming towards their harmonization. Organizations and institutions from different sectors were invited to participate and contribute to dialogue through mutual learning. Through the exchange of views, experience and expertise, the group has started its journey towards a new understanding of energy issues and the possible formulation of ideas that can be an inspiration for future energy strategies through integration with national players and the other nine European countries.

The event was introduced by Professor Salvatore Lombardi - President of CO2 Club Italy and Ms. Samuela Vercelli, Italy coordinator for the project R&Dialogue project. The R&Dialogue project which is funded by the Seventh European Framework Programme, aims to promote the integration between research and civil society through dialogue on energy and reflection on social processes. The event was organized by the the University of Rome La Sapienza CERI, Research Centre in collaboration with the Department of Civil, Constructional and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Earth Sciences.