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Salvatore Lombardi

Salvatore Lombardi

Salvatore Lombardi was Head of the Fluid Chemistry Laboratory and has spent more than 40 years researching many aspects of fluid distribution and migration in various geological environments throughout Italy, Europe and North America.  Since 1989 he has been the scientific coordinator for Sapienza University within 19 European-Community-funded research projects, including 3 projects in which he was also Project Leader.

These EC projects cover a wide range of topics, although the majority were focussed on the geological storage of either CO2 (e.g. ECO2, Sitechar, RISCS, CO2GeoNet, Nascent, Weyburn, CO2ReMoVe, and MoveCBM) or nuclear waste.  In the CO2 storage projects he has addressed his research towards: the development of near-surface geochemical methods for site selection, safety assessment, and monitoring; soil gas and gas flux studies of natural analogue sites to better understand gas migration pathways and potential hazards; and the development of low cost geochemical monitoring stations for both terrestrial and marine environments.

In addition to the EC-funded projects he has also managed and been the scientific coordinator for Sapienza University within a large number of research projects funded by various regional and national governmental organizations. In particular projects for the Region of Lazio involved risk mapping of naturally produced gases leaking to the atmosphere for health and safety purposes and communicating the results to the local inhabitants.  He has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed papers and more than 100 conference submissions.


e-mail: salvatore.lombardi@uniroma1.it

phone: ++39(0)649914919