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Stefano Graziani

Stefano Graziani

Stefano Graziani has a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering and has been involved over the last 10 years in the design, development, testing, and deployment of numerous analysis and control tools.

After completing his thesis at Sapienza University of Rome on robot guidance systems, Stefano has since focussed his research efforts on issues related to environmental monitoring.  Since joining the research group at Sapienza, he has developed the hardware, software, data storage, and data transfer systems for: groundwater and marine monitoring stations that continually analyse the concentration of dissolved CO2 in water and transmit the data in real time via the web; soil gas stations that measure the concentration of various gases in the soil for health and safety monitoring; and CO2 flux meters for the measurement of the transfer rate of this gas from the soil to the atmosphere.  

Stefano programs in Assembly, C, Handel-C, and Visual Basic, develops in Visual Studio and Microchip MPLAB for PIC microcontroller architecture, and uses ORCAD and PSPICE for electronic circuit design and simulation.


e-mail: stefano.graziani@uniroma1.it

phone: ++39(0)649914918