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About us

The Lombardi Research Group is one of the most internationally active labs in Italy, with over 30 years of research and problem-solving experience in the fields of fluid geochemistry, geology, geophysics, environmental protection, and technology innovation.

Over the last 10 years our group has also expanded into the area of Social Science research, performing studies into science dissemination issues and the public perception of innovative technologies, with particular regard to the geological storage of CO2.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes geologists, geochemists, engineers, psychologists, and journalists. The wide knowledge base and expertise within this group allows not only for an integrated scientific research approach, but also the efficient and timely transfer of the obtained results out to the public and a wide variety of government, industry, and NGO stakeholders.

We have participated in 19 projects funded by the European Community, over 40 funded by different levels of the Italian government, and over 10 funded by industry.

Research conducted within these projects has addressed a wide range of topics related to, for example, natural hazards (faults, earthquakes, volcanoes), environmental impact (groundwater contamination), and resource exploration (oil and gas, geothermal, minerals), as well as studies examining the safety of storing nuclear waste or CO2 gas in the deep geological sub-surface.

In particular, much of our recent work has concentrated on this latter item (that is, geological carbon capture and storage, or CCS), using as natural laboratories the many locations throughout Italy where geologically produced CO2 is continuously leaking from the soil.

Work at these sites has examined how gas may leak from a CO2 reservoir to the surface, what geological conditions provide the safest sites for storage, and what are the potential risks to human health and the ecosystem.

In addition, we have used these sites to test sensitive and effective monitoring and early warning tools that we are developing. 

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