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Dissemination & Communication

Understanding of science needs be based on real research outcomes. This poses a big challenge to researchers who are called to make their results available in a user-friendly form for the wider public. Producing such materials is time consumingand requires developing skills like for instance empathy for the potential readers.

The complexity of scientific and technical material adds to the challenge and highlights the importance of communication as the high road for achieving good results in science understanding.

The Lombardi Research Group, by creating spaces for direct and indirect contact between researchers and the public is actively engaged both in disseminating science and in improving knowledge about how science and society communication can be improved.

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Video CCS

This short film to introduce the concept of the geological storage of CO2 has been developed through an integrated approach which takes into account both the need to communicate correct and comprehensible ge (...)

Choosing good sites for storing CO2 underground

The deep underground storage of man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) has been recommended as an important tool, together with many others, to reduce the greenhouse effect and slow down climate change. Although (...)

What does CO2 geological storage really mean

The fruit of part of the Network's activities since its launch under the European Commission's FP6, and following CO2GeoNet's Training and Dialogue Workshop on this same subject.   T (...)

Interaction with media

Interaction with media is regarded as a main channel for effective dissemination and communication our activities. Our focus of the activities has been on the organisation of opportunities for direct interac (...)

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