Lombardi Research Group - Environmental studies
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Environmental studies

Clearly "environmental studies" is a very wide field that can include any number of issues related to understanding and safe-guarding the world that we live in. Numerous of the research projects that we have been involved in address the state of the biosphere as a result of human actvities or unique natual systems.

Our studies into man-made pollution have included mapping and determing the impact of organic liquid (e.g., gasoline spills or solvents) or inorganic wastes (from mining or industrial sources) on groundwater or surface water. Instead, our research into natural systems tends to be focussed on risk assessment or using unique sites to better understand geological processes.

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Groundwater pollution

Groundwater can become polluted in many different ways, with a broad division being point and non-profit sources. Examples of point sources include gasoline leaking from underground storage tanks, cleaning s (...)

Surface water pollution

Surface water pollution tends to come from coastal areas, where discharge or rivers release chemicals from industry, municipal waste treatment plants, and farming activities. This pollution can take theform (...)

Natural processes and risks

Our work on natural sites can be divided into those that are focussed on assessing the potential risk of geological systems to human health, and those that help us better understand geological processes. (...)

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