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European projects

Lombardi research group carries out their basic research within international collaborations through public funding such as European Funds, Italian ministerial funds, regional funds.

Lombardi research group focuses on technology transfer by activating agreements with public, national and foreign companies.

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CO2GeoNet - Network of Excellence on the geological sequestration of CO2

CO2GeoNet  is the European scientific body on CO2 geological storage.  The Association currently comprises 26 research institutes from 19 European countries, and brings together over (...)

R&Dialogue - Research and Civil Society Dialogue towards a low-carbon society

The European R&Dialogue project has facilitated ten low-carbon dialogues with representatives from energy, the low-carbon R&D community, civil society organisations and others. This work involves (...)

"RISCS" – Research into Impacts and Safety in CO2 Storage

The EC-funded RISCS project assessed the potential environmental impacts of leakage from geological CO2 storage. Consideration was given to possible impacts on ground water resources and both onshore and off (...)

SiteChar - Characterisation of European CO2 storage

SiteChar was a EC research project that focussed on the technical, economic and societal requirements for a company to be allowed to store CO2 underground. A workflow was developed that examines the entire s (...)

CGS-Europe - the "Pan-European coordination action on CO2 Geological Storage"

CGS Europe was a three-year Coordination Action project funded by the EC FP7 that was launched on 1st November 2010. This project was conducted by 24 partners from countries across western and eastern Europe (...)

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