Lombardi Research Group - Gas and water methods
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Gas and water methods

We use a wide variety of tools, some classical methods such as geological and structural mapping, some new and innovative like the dissolved CO2 monitoring probes that we have developed.

We use these various methods to study a wide range of environments, including the shallow soil, groundwater, and surface water in lakes and oceans.

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Soil gas

Gas in the un-saturated soil horizon, in other words the interval between the top of the water table and the ground surface, is primarily controlled by exchange with the atmosphere and by biological and chem (...)

Surface water and groundwater

We study water chemistry for two main goals. First of all, water is a critical resource that must be safe-guarded through measurements of its quality. We conduct water quality surveys of both groundwater (...)

Continuous monitoring systems

Discontinuous sampling, while useful, is limited because it only gives information for a single point at the time when the sample was collected. But geological systems are dynamic, and thus physical &nda (...)

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