Lombardi Research Group - Geological Storage
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Geological Storage

Just as we take from the earth many of the mineral and energy resources that we need to sustain our industrially and technologically based society, so too have we often used the earth to store our final waste products. Common examples include shallow storage like garbage dumps or deep storage like the injection of industrial waste waters.

Our group has been involved in studying the safety of two other proposed storage concepts, that being the deep underground storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and nuclear waste. The majority of our work has focussed on near surface processes, trying to understand if leakage may occur, at what rate, and what the possible potential risks may be, while at the same time developing tools that can help us monitor such sites.

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Geological storage of CO2

CO2 capture and storage (CCS) involves capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by power generation and industrial activities and then storing it away for a long time (thousands of years) in deep underground (...)

Geological storage of radioactive waster

Nuclear power plants produce radioactive waste that must be safely disposed, with deep burial in deep rocks being one of the most commonly discussed approaches. However concern has been expressed that migrat (...)

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