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Lombardi Research Group has developed the concept of the natural field laboratory, as a main tool for developing research activities applied to geological storage. Natural field laboratories are sites where naturally produced CO2 is leaking at the ground surface, both onshore and offshore. These sites can be properly equipped to allow researchers from different fields and countries work together in an open air laboratory.

The studies in these natural conditions allow to better understand gas migration mechanisms in the geological environment (e.g. along faults and fracture networks); to test a wide range of monitoring techniques that have been proposed for use at CCS sites (e.g. soil gas, gas flux, open path lasers, remote sensing, shallow geophysics, etc.); and to examine the possible impacts of a CO2 leak on the ecosystem and on groundwater quality.

The most important natural field labs where the group has developed its activities are the city of Ciampino (Abruzzo), the Fucino plain (Latium), Latera caldera (Latium), the San Vittorino valley (Latium) and Panarea Island (Sicily).

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The city of Ciampino is located about 10km to the south-east of Rome, within the Alban Hills volcanic district. This area was volcanically active more than 20,000 years ago, but since then there have not (...)

The Fucino Plain

The Fucino plain is a rombhoidal intermontane tectonic depression located in the middle of Apennine mountains (central Italy). During the Quaternary the basin was generally deprived of a natural outlet a (...)

Tha Latera Caldera

The Latera caldera, located about 80km to the NW of Rome, is an agricultural valley in which naturally-produced CO2 is actively being released to the atmosphere. Now inactive for over 0.16 Ma, this volca (...)

The San Vittorino Valley

The San Vittorino valley is an agricultural intramontane basin that is filled with up to 170 m of river and lake sediments.  Faults not only border the plain, but also cross it and deform the plasti (...)

Panarea Island

Panarea is one of seven volcanic islands (the “Aeolian Islands”) that are located close to the northern shore of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the presence of deep faults, high heat (...)

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