Lombardi Research Group - Public Perception
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Public Perception

Lombardi Research Group focused on studies related Public Perception of CCS - the Geological Storage of CO2, clarifying the role of CCS for our society and deciding whether it makes sense for society as a whole to go ahead with its implementation.

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The Geological Storage of CO2: and what do you think

Social researchers participating in the ECO2 project interacted with people through interviews as well as group meetings where it was possible for the participants to express themselves freely and for the re (...)

Glossary - The language of CCS

Perception of a technology has some relationship with the words used to name or describe it. Terms can be so specialised that they alienate interest in the lay public or they may be unclear when they have a (...)

Carbon Capture and Storage Public Perception Factors: Literature Review and Open Issues

There are a lot of toolkits being produced to assist developers in devising public engagement strategies for carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS). On one hand, this perhaps reflects the increasing number (...)

Best Practice Guidance for Environmental Risk Assessment for offshore CO2 geological storage

Public involvement in the planning and development of CCS projects is required by legislation (e.g. to meet the principles of the Aarhus Convention, and as part of the EIA process). The European Directiv (...)

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