Lombardi Research Group - Research Integration
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Research Integration

Lombardi Research Group is a multi-disciplinary team which includes geologists, geochemists, engineers, psychologists, and journalists.

The wide knowledge base and expertise within this group allows not only for an integrated scientific research approach, but also for the efficient and timely transfer of the obtained results out to the public and a wide variety of government, industry, and NGO stakeholders.

It’s an innovative model of organization and coordination of different scientific expertise, which facilitates:


   - the integration of multi-disciplinary skills including structural geology, geochemistry, social science, expertise;

   - an interdisciplinary approach and a strategic vision that promotes scientific excellence;

   - a unique and facilitated access point for stakeholders for academic, industrial and strategic initiatives.

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Video CCS

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CO2GeoNet brochure: "What does CO2 geological storage really mean"

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