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Science & Society

Building capacities and developing innovative ways of connecting science to society is an important goal that Europe is setting for itself, in the framework of the ‘Science with and for Society’.

Geology and psychology can work together to improve the way our society uses the outcomes of research for the benefit of the territory, local communities and the wider environment. Since many years the relationship between science and society is being investigated to optimise the level of understanding of science and improve its application rate.

The Lombardi Research Group pioneers formats, ideas and exchanges to support a significant leap forward of our society in this respect. At the foundations of such approach and activities there is the belief that each and every one in our society has an essential contribution to give for finding satisfactory solutions towards a positive balance in our relationship with nature and the environment. Since the year 2000 Lombardi Research Group has started to explore the challenges of geological studies’ dissemination. Psychological studies have been undertaken to understand how to communicate the research outcomes to stakeholders and the public.

In the context of CO2GeoNet, the European Network of Excellence on the Geological Storage of CO2, the group has become a leader for Spreading of Excellence activities, coordinating the partners and promoting the integration of multidisciplinary research in the field of CO2 storage and its user friendly communication. Growingly has emerged the importance of interaction of the researchers with the wider societal context, to better address in their work what is of interest and concern to society. This has led the members of the group to further develop tools for communicating science, as for instance lay reports and videos, and research experiences of direct sharing with stakeholders, the media and the public, as in the FP7 R&Dialogue project.